Friday, April 22, 2011

Last day of Clinics

Buenos dias a todos!

The last three days the medical team and I have been setting up medical clinics in two villages, and today is the final day we'll be opening a clinic on the missions base in San Andres, Guatemala. In the past we've done a maximum of 3 clinics over a period of 4-5 days, but this time we will have hosted 4 clinics over 4 days.  Can you say intense?  Besides the heat and the work of setting up clinic, we also have had to prepare medicine dosages beforehand, so there has been plenty to keep us busy!

Yesterday I had a little adventure of my own when my uncle (Doctor Crespo) asked if I would go and purchase some needed medicines in a village called Santa Elena, which was about 45 minutes away. So I set out with a driver from the Hearts in Action missions base who knew his way around pretty well—but only spoke Spanish... I had a blast!!  On the way we were able to have a halfway decent conversation as he told me more about himself and his family, and I shared a little about my background.

It took several tries at different pharmacies before we finally found the medicines we needed to purchase. Surprisingly enough, medicines are about twice as expensive down here as they are in the states!

Oh, and if you guys wouldn’t mind praying, I seem to have picked up a cold!  I am next to positive it’s because I pressed myself a little too hard with my finals, etc. before I left for Guatemala.  Either way, I’m sure it’ll be gone in a day or two.. thanks for praying!



  1. So glad that everything is going well . . . except for your cold! I'm praying that you get over it soon!

  2. Hi Benjamin!
    Cool thing- setting up a blog so we can hear bout your adventures and work! I love seeing other young people who are passionate about living and sharing the gospel. Blessings on your time down there!
    ~Rachel Humphrey

  3. Ello Guvna!
    Praise God all is going well! We miss you and are praying for you! I hope that cold goes away soon! God bless you! Your twin ~ Nina :P

  4. Sounds like everything is going great! Praying for you!

    ~Kelsey K

  5. Praying that you quickly recover from your cold Benjamin : (

  6. Thanks guys! I've been feeling a lot better--excited to be starting the journey to El Salvador today! I'm going to be heading to Guatemala City, and from there I'll take a bus tomorrow morning to visit with Benjamin Z. in Texistepeque! :)

  7. Hello Benjamin,
    I'm so glad you are feeling better now. We miss you lots. You are in our prayers.


  8. Hi Benny!
    How are you doing? Are you having fun? When you get the time you can email me.